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It’s just a matter of time until just about everyone on the planet owns a smartphone now they are becoming more affordable, and no business should be without one. Creating, managing, and hosting your application is a breeze with Budget Apps. We are your premium mobile app development company, ready to develop the perfect app to suit your needs.

Our sole mission is app development with client satisfaction first and foremost. Our app development services cater for a variety of industries, further offering targeted demographics and ongoing technical support. Let us offer you an expertly designed application to make your brand stand out, while offering your clients, and visitors a convenience to access your products, services, or simply get in touch.

Take advantage of our premium app development services which stand head and shoulders above the rest, catering for your company specifics, with prices superior to competitors, while not compromising on quality!

If you own a smartphone chances are you have already downloaded a game, something useful to make your daily life easier, or an information application. Does your business have exposure on Google Play or in the Apple Store? Today you can change all of that!

Apply for top level services from a mobile development company, catering for every possible niche, with app development focused on customer satisfaction.

Target Audience

Budget Apps designs with all mobile devices in mind. No matter how you use it, and no matter how you view it, your app is going to appeal to your target demographic.

Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing allows you to set up a virtual fence around a predefined geographical area. When your app user enters or exits the area you can send them a push message through your app.

Managed App Support

Budget Apps helps you market your brand identity. Our dedicated tech support means you get to focus on your brand while we focus on updating your app.

Being Visible

Visibility to your customers at all times. Your own app creates a direct marketing channel and builds brand recognition, all the while improving your customer engagement. Stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the industries we provide apps for

Apps for aesthetic clinics Apps for barbers Apps for beauticians
Apps for casinos Apps for coffee shops Apps for delis
Apps for delivery services Apps for dentists Apps for medical clinics
Apps for driving instructors Apps for estate agents Apps for gardeners
Apps for golf clubs Apps for gyms Apps for hotels
Apps for night clubs Apps for opticians Apps for personal trainers
Apps for pet & dog groomers Apps for photographers Apps for physiotherapists
Apps for pubs Apps for restaurants Apps for retail & e-commerce
Apps for salons Apps for schools Apps for spa’s
Apps for sport clubs Apps for take aways Apps for tanning salons
Apps for tattooists Apps for valet services Apps for vets

All our Apps include these core features

The application market as we know it is getting smaller due to product saturation and competition, so your business app needs to stand out from the rest. With hundreds of thousands of new apps in the market, getting exposure means using top quality app development services, and Budget Apps is ready to provide you with solutions as you can see below.

Ultimate App Pack

Budget Apps believe in providing a Single App Solution for your business which includes all the bells and whistles. We will set up the software for you, and as new features are developed, we will update your app automatically.

All Apps will include the following:

  • Push Notification – Send targeted messages direct to your customer’s phones at any given time or GPS location
  • In-app Booking – Generate bookings directly within your app using our integrated solutions
  • Map – A quick and easy way for customers to find your business location using GPS systems  and directions
  • Video Gallery – Instantly display your business in style with YouTube channel integration via your app
  • Geo Tagging & Fencing – Allows you to send targeted messages to your customers when they enter a particular location
  • Analytics – It’s important to keep informed on how your app is interacting and performing currently with existing users
  • Unlimited Offers – Keep your customers coming back for more with fresh incentives and offers
  • Share Function – Provides customers a means to let their friends and family know all about your app via text, social media or mail
  • M-commerce – Allow your customers to place orders from within your app, remotely and while on the go
  • iBeacon Technology – iBeacon is a new technology that enables a smartphone to perform actions when in close proximity
  • In-app Payments – Take payments from your customers directly, from within your app
  • Contact & Open Times – Easy access to all important contact details and open times, so your customers can get in touch, using one-touch call
  • Social Media – Integrate and connect all your social media accounts together, increasing the exposure of your messages
  • Basic Level Inquiry System – Receive inquiries and orders direct from your customer’s phone straight to your inbox
  • Resources – Branded QR codes & posters are stored in your CMS system, and can be scanned, downloaded and shared via social media
  • Loyalty Scheme – Integrated loyalty systems that allow you to reward your regular customers
  • Events – A great addition when you need to keep your customers engaged and up to date on what’s coming next
  • Photo Gallery – Showcase your business, products, menus or designs plus integrate directly with social media feeds
  • Newsletter – Keep customers up to date with your latest news and offers by providing newsletter sign up functionality
  • QR Code – QR enabled coupons for your customers to redeem at your business by scanning a specified QR Code


Read some of our most asked questions, or submit your own.

Our customers don’t have iphones/smartphones
Smartphones are the fastest growing industry EVER in the human race!
There are more iphones sold in the world each day than babies are born 409k Vs 402k
We don’t have a computer in our business
You don’t need a computer, the app is downloaded to your customers phones. You can control the app from your phone, even if you don’t have a computer.
I don’t have an iphone/smartphone
You don’t need one, the app is downloaded to your customers phones. They are using smartphones.
I’m not very technical at all, I don’t understand it
That’s fine, it’s an extremely easy system to use, you could even designate a member of staff to use it
We don’t have a website/facebook/twitter account
You don’t need one, the app is installed onto your customers phones and can be independent from any website or social media links
I want to keep a personal touch, I provide good customer service with phone calls

The app provides a strong link between you and your customers, and this only enhances your customer service.

We already market through our Facebook/Twitter page
That’s great, we can link your Facebook/Twitter account with your app, helping you get more “likes” and publicity for your pages.
With Facebook everybody has so many friends, that quite often as soon as you post a promotion, it has slipped off the first page and people can miss it. With the app, any promotions you wish to run will be pushed directly to your customers phones, so they can’t miss the promotion
I don’t want to be tied into a contract
You wont be! We don’t tie people into contracts, you can pay on a monthly basis or even yearly if you wish (if relevant).
I can’t afford it.
An app is an investment in your business. It’s likely if you only gained 10 new customers a month, through the recommend a friend feature, it has more than covered its cost.
I don’t need any new customers
That’s fantastic that you’re in that position. However if you were to get a cancellation, you could simply push a message out to customers and fill the appointment gap. The app is also about providing great customer service to your existing customers.
The appointment request wont work, we use a standard appointment book
That’s great, it is an appointment request, you check the appointment against your book before you confirm the appointment. The appointment is then stored in the app and email confirmations are sent.
We already have a website
Brilliant, so you understand the importance of the internet and how it can help your business.
More people now access the internet through phones than through computers.
Our apps have much more functionality than a website; they are easier for customers to use and is always in their pocket!

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